1102 NW 10th Ave. Portland, OR 97209
Wed-Sun: 9am-9pm
Wed-Sun: 9am-9pm | 503444-7102

Things to Know

Do I need to bring anything?
Nope, not really. We provide all soaps and conditioners, towels and refreshments. If you have a strong preference towards hair or body products feel free to bring them along.
Do I need a bathing suit?
A bathing suit only adds to unnecessary sensory input, we recommend floating in the nude.
Can I float if I'm pregnant?
Yes! Pregnant women love to float. Talk about relieving some of that extra baggage weight and tension.
Can I float if I'm menstruating?
Yup, just follow the same protocol you would for any public swimming pool.
Do I need to stay in the tank the full 90 minutes?
No. If for whatever reason you’re feeling discomfort please step out. There’s no latches or locks so you’re free to get in and out as you wish.
Can I float after I color my hair?
Please don’t schedule a float within one week of coloring your hair. The color could bleed and neither of us want that. Thank you in advance.
Can I drown?
No. The salt solution is so dense it will keep you afloat under all circumstances. If you fall asleep, sweet dreams.
How often are the tanks cleaned?
The cabins go through a state-of-the-art filtration system utilizing UV rays and Hydrogen peroxide after every float. Your pool will be sparkling clean or the float’s on us.
Will my skin dry or prune during the float?
Nope. The Epsom salt (Magnesium and Sulfate) will make your skin soft and refreshed. Because the solution is so dense, no need to worry about getting all wrinkly either.
What if I experience sea sickness or vertigo while in the water?
We'd hate to not have you give floating a try, but if these experiences are common you might not feel comfortable in a float tank.