1102 NW 10th Ave. Portland, OR 97209
Wed-Sun: 9am-9pm
Wed-Sun: 9am-9pm | 503444-7102

Welcome to Your First Float

Below we offer a few tips and tricks to help
make your first float experience one to remember.

Before Your Float

Try to avoid shaving a least a few hours before you float, any lesions will be irritated by the salt and may sting the first few minutes.

A light and easily digestible meal is recommended at least one hour before floating.

Please wait at least 72 hours after dying your hair to float. We also ask you wash your hair out at least twice before scheduling. Thank you in advance.

Always stay hydrated, but drinking too much water before a float might force you to use the restroom during a float and can detract from your experience.

Try to avoid smoking right before a float.

Try to avoid all caffeinated drinks before a float.

Upon Your Arrival

Everything you’ll need is provided for you at no extra cost, but please feel free to bring your own soaps and conditioners.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your float. This will allow you to slow down and become familiar with the space.

Make sure to use the restroom before you shower off. When you enter your private suite, please remove all jewelry and shower. Dry your face and insert earplugs (optional).

During Your Float

After settling in the music will fade, and the option to turn the LED starlights off will be at your fingertips. Move around at first until you find a comfortable position. Our tanks are huge so stretch out! Try to avoid getting the salt solution in your eyes or mouth as it will sting (and taste really salty) for a few minutes. A robe and slippers are provided if you need to use the restroom at any time during your float.

After Your Float

When your 90 minutes are up, music will fade in and the lights will turn on. Have another rinse in the shower and enjoy your post float glow! Tea and water are provided in the lobby, feel free to hang around and relax a bit longer.